Students Banned from Class

RENO - The school district had given the un-immunized 7th graders and their parents a 30 day reprieve. They had that long to get into compliance with the law. Today was the deadline and school principals had only one alternative this morning:

Send those kids that were not inoculated home.

Here at Mendive Middle School just one student was sent home this morning .The principal here doesn't know why the student didn't get the vaccine, especially after all the efforts the school put forth to make parents aware about the vaccine and ways to get it.

Mary Green, Mendive Middle School Principal say calls were made, fyers were sent home, and last week another extra step was taken,

"Last week we advised 43 students that were not immunized we had a clinic here for immunizations in conjunction with St. Mary's and we had 32 kids come in and get their shots that evening."

Green's school wasn't the only middle school to send a child home. Trainer Middle School says 25 were not allowed in class today because they weren't compliant, 17-students at Pine Middle School.

Some seventh graders and their parents came here to the HAWC Clinic to get the key that would let them back into class That included middle schooler Matthew Crawford whose dad says the deadline just crept up on him.

"You did great," the nurse told Matthew. He replies, "Didn't hurt that much."

That state law is not going away which means next year 7th graders entering middle school must have that T-DAP VACCINE. Will student be sent home next year? Health officials say they hope not and are making efforts to get the word out to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. They'll be looking at new strategies and work further with parents and schools so that everyone knows the law will be enforced.