1,500 lbs of Garbage Collected from Tahoe's Shores

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (AP) - More than 100 volunteers gathered 1,500 pounds of garbage from the shores of Lake Tahoe over the weekend as part of Coastal Cleanup Day.

Organizers say the volunteers who came from as far away as Sacramento and Placerville picked up hundreds -- if not thousands
-- of cigarette butts as well as beer cans, liquor bottles and assorted trash.

In addition to the garbage, they netted about 75 pounds of material that can be recycled.

Ellen Nunes, the program manager of Clean Tahoe, says it was exciting to see so many people turn out. She says Tahoe-area residents really do love where they live and it shows.

A dozen students from Union Mine High School in Placerville contributed to the cleanup as part of their environmental club. Student Suzanne Lewis reported the group picked up 97 cigarette butts, then stopped counting because there were so many.

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