Tribes Protest Big Blast

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Tribal leaders were among about 50 protesters who rallied in Reno today against an experiment at the Nevada Test Site they fear will produce a massive explosion that will spread radioactivity across the West.
The protest was aimed at the federal government's proposed
"Divine Strake" project, the detonation of 700 tons of explosives
in an experiment designed to study ground motion and shock waves
set off by bombs.
Carrie Dann is a member of the Western Shoshone tribe who
maintains the test site's property belongs to her people. She says
there is nothing divine about something that is built to kill
Several demonstrators carried signs that read "Nevada is not a
nuclear wasteland," "War Industries Don't Care" and "Blessed
are the Peacemakers."
The test originally planned for June 2nd but has been postponed
Officials say delaying the explosion will allow time to answer
legal and scientific questions about whether it would kick up
radioactive fallout left from nuclear weapons tests conducted at
the Nevada Test Site about 85 miles northwest of Las Vegas.