Cloned Mules Come Up Short

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Nature triumphed over nurture as two cloned mule brothers came up short in a professional race against naturally bred runners.
Idaho Gem, the world's first equine clone, finished third while
Idaho Star wound up seventh in an eight-way race Sunday at the 20th
annual Winnemucca Mule Races, Show & Draft Horse Challenge.
Idaho Gem covered his 350-yard sprint in 21-point-246 seconds -
two-and-a-half lengths behind the winner, Bar JF Hot Ticket, who
finished in 20-point-866 seconds. Idaho Star checked in at 22.181
The clones competed for an 85-hundred dollar purse in the finals
of their bracket. Both won their qualifying heats Saturday in what
was billed as the first professional competition between clones of
any kind.