Arson Suspect Charged With Attempted Murder

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Police say the suspect bWayne Lowe created a gas leak in his residence and started a fire in an attempt to ignite the gas. He then left the residence leaving two children behind.
Authorities say Lowe intentionally tampered with his furnace creating a gas leak which forced gas inside the house through the air conditioning unit. He then started a small fire with the intent of igniting the gas in the residence which was occupied by a 16 yr old and 10 yr old. As he drove away, police say he struck two parked vehicles which disabled his car.
He attempted to walk away from the scene when a citizen held him until police could arrive. At the conclusion of the incident the suspect began suffering from a pre-existing medical condition for which he was hospitalized.
After the suspect left the residence the 16 yr old located the small fire and put it out before it was able to ignite the house. He also smelled the gas and began opening all the windows in the residence to vent the gas to the outside. Neither child suffered any injuries during the incident.
As the Reno Fire Department was investigation the fire, they located two World War Two, hand grenades. The Explosive Ordinance Disposal team responded as a precaution. They were able to quickly determine the two grenades had been disabled.