Las Vegas Mayor Says Wife Could Replace Him

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman has named a possible successor for when he leaves office in 2011: his wife.

"Carolyn Goodman is my first choice," Goodman told the Las Vegas Sun for a story published Sunday. "She wants the projects here to be finished, before I'm finished."

Goodman is considering running for governor of Nevada after term limits force him out of the mayor's office. He said he is aiming to make a decision by mid-January.

His wife, founder and president of a successful private school, said she hasn't thought about the possibility.

She said her husband may have floated her name because "our minds are so much on the same path."

Political consultant Dan Hart said Carolyn Goodman could be a formidable opponent if she chooses to run.

"If she chooses to apply herself as a candidate, absolutely she's viable," Hart said. "Anybody considering a race would have to take her seriously."

Two sitting city council members have said they are thinking of running for Las Vegas' next mayor, and Gary Reese, a barber by trade who cuts Goodman's hair each moth, said he thinks the mayor would back him if he ran, which is likely.

"If I run for mayor, he would support me," Reese said.

Goodman declined to comment after a recent news conference.

Steve Wolfson, another council member, said others have approached him about running for mayor and he is considering it.

Carolyn Goodman said that no matter who the next mayor is, he or she should focus on her husband's priorities, including redeveloping downtown.

Oscar and Carolyn Goodman married in 1962 and moved to Las Vegas two years later. They have four children; one daughter and three sons.

Information from: Las Vegas Sun,

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