Reno Man Survives Ohio Water Rescue

Crews pulled a man from a vehicle stuck in the swollen Duck Creek on Friday near I-71 and Ridge, in Cincinnati. The vehicle spun out of control and went into the concrete-lined creek/culvert around 11:45 a.m. He's charged with failure to control his vehicle.

Crews ran a line out to the vehicle then sent rescuer David Harris out, who opened the passenger door and tied a rope around the man then worked their way up the wall of the concrete culvert.

Once at the top, medical crews checked out the victim and loaded him into an ambulance. He's expected to be okay.

Residents in the area say that this is the eighth time a car has gone off the same ramp in the last two years, and that the city needs to do something about it.

Ali Roberson, 36, of Reno, Nevada, was inside the SUV. He is being charged with failure to control his vehicle.