Elko Murder Victim Force Fed Salt

A doctor testifying at a preliminary hearing for a Spring Creek woman accused of murdering her six-year-old stepson said the boy had been beaten for weeks and was force-fed so much salt he had a lethal level of sodium in his system.

43-year-old Chrystal Denette Hunt faces charges of first-degree
murder and three counts of abuse or neglect of a child with
substantial bodily harm.

She was arrested December 19th on a felony child abuse charge
after Kyle Hunt died at his Spring Creek home that afternoon.

Doctor Ellen Clark, a forensic pathologist from Reno, testified
at the opening of the preliminary hearing in Elko County Justice
Court this week that Kyle died from salt poisoning, compounded by
blunt-force trauma.

The boy's father testified earlier that Hunt would punish the
boy by forcing him to drink salt water until he threw up.

Doctor Clark says the sodium level in the boy's body was enough
to be fatal in and of itself. She says there also was extensive
evidence of blunt traumatic force injuries.

In total, the doctor said Kyle had in excess of 100 injuries on
his body, from superficial scrapes to deep bruises from the top of
his head to his lower legs.