Residents Calling For More Patrols After Shooting At Sparks Rec Center

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Residents in a Sparks neighborhood are calling for more of a police presence after a man was shot in the back at a nearby recreation center.

The shooting happened at a wedding reception at the rec center on Saturday night where residents say special events often lead to violence.

"For a while it was every single Saturday," said Angela Hewes who lives nearby where the shooting happened. "There was either a shooting or a fight or a stabbing. There would be a police officer for a while so it stopped and they just quit staying there and now it's starting to happen again."

One resident tells Kolo-8 about sixty people were outside the Sparks Recreation Center on Richards Way when a fight broke out. Police say that's when someone fired several shots both in and outside of the facility. Neighbors say incidents like this are becoming all too common.

"When there's parties or receptions or things like that, there seems to be a lot of fights that break out," said Bill Miller who lives nearby.

"About a week ago you could hear gunfire of some sort," said Kelly Marin who lives down the street. "So it just kind of makes a guy wonder."

Police are still looking for several Hispanic suspects they say are involved with the shooting. But residents say they won't feel safe until they see more of a police presence during special events at the rec center.

"I'm very concerned about it," said Miller. "I think there should be more police protection out there. Either somebody to monitor what's going on or something of that nature."

"They either need to have people guarding the place or just to stop it altogether," said Hewes.

Police acknowledge there have been incidents at the Center, but they say they can't afford to monitor every single event.

The 24-year-old man who was shot Saturday night is recovering at Renown where he is currently in serious condition.

Sparks Police Detectives are actively seeking investigative leads regarding this incident. Please contact Det. Mike Brown at (775)353-2225 or Secret Witness at (775)322-4900 with any information,