Suspect Arrested in Harrah's Rape Case

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Reno Police arrested the man they believe brutally beat and raped a casino employee at Harrah's.

Antowan Maurice Bayard, 26, was arrested Wednesday morning on unrelated charges, but he now faces charges of sexual assault, battery and robbery.

Detectives believe Bayard assaulted the female victim last Friday inside an employee-only restroom on the hotel's fourth floor.

Since the attack, some Harrah's employees have voiced their concerns about casino security and tell News Channel 8 that there are no security cameras in that area of the hotel, despite it being open to the public.

They are hoping this incident will convince Harrah's to increase employee security.

Harrah's released a statement today saying "the safety of their employees and guests is a paramount concern."

Antowan Bayard is being held on a $53,000 bail.