Getting the Boot

Former Telesis Parking Solutions Customer Heidi McConnell responded to today's news like this. " to me it is an admission of guilt."
McConnell says she had a run in with Telesis Parking Solutions last New Years Day when her sick elderly mother was unable to change the registration stickers on her car.
After getting no relief from Telesis Parking Heidi's mom called her to see if she could do something.
Heidi says the owner of the company Paula Lawrence was unforgiving. " she wanted no part of it, she just said you better come down right now with cash. And or clear your stuff out of the car, have your mother clear her stuff out of the car because we are taking it."
Heidi says Lawrence demanded cash only...and sped off after getting her money and removing the boot from Heidi's mom's car. A first and last unsatisfied customer for Telesis?
Hardly. We checked with the city clerks office here in Reno and came up with this complaint file on booting and tow truck companies. Many of the letters are from people complaining about Telesis Parking solutions using language like "extortionist vehicle booting" to get their point across.
The complaints did not fall on deaf ears....the city had scheduled a public hearing for the parking enforcement company this morning so it could justify why it should continue to do business here in Reno...with its certified letter yesterday..the deputy city attorney says he's happy with the resolution.
)\Matthew Jensen DEPUTY CITY ATTORNEY says, " We have achieved our end the hearing was the city's attempt to revoke the license."