Fight at School Sends Student to Hospital

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An argument between students from the Halima Charter School and the nearby "I Can Do Anything" Charter School in Reno appears to have lead to a larger confrontation between students, and teachers.

The incident, which happened over the students lunch break on the Halima campus, apparently escalated when a van filled with what witnesses described as "6 Tongan men" arrived at the charter school.

Staff from the school attempted to intervene, but were forced to call Reno Police after the two groups started fighting. One 16=year-old student was taken to the hospital because school officials couldn't contact his parent. He was not hurt that bad and has since been released.

Reno Police Lt. Ron Donnelly tells Newschannel 8 that detectives are looking into a gang connection because witnesses told police they saw several of the men who exited the van flashing gang-type signals during the argument.

If you have any information about this incident, you are urged to call Secret Witness at 322-4900.