Peace Group Honors War Dead

About 24-hundred names of the men and women who have died in Iraq were posted out in front of the federal building today in downtown Reno. Those names were read out loud and flags were placed in the ground in their honor for Memorial Day.
A steady flow of people came to pay their respects to not only those who have lost their lives in Iraq...but also lives lost in battle during other wars. There were old and young. 8 year old Sierra Martin says she planned on being here for an hour to place flags on the lawn. " I think they were very brave and they were very respectful to fight for us."
Nine year old Zhane Williams says her grandfather brought here her.
" I think its turning out good, and I think that this is good, everybody is turning out from the community to help us."
This is the fourth year for organizers from Sierra Interfaith Action for Peace. In all nearly 26-hundred flags will be in place..unfortunately the list of names, and space on the lawn continues to grow each Memorial Day.
John Hadder from Sierra Interfaith Action for Peace has been to all of the Memoral Day ceremonies sponsored by the group. "I think its really important for us to recognize the sacrifice for peace justice democracy our approach as a peace group, is different than their approach we are none violent. But we think their commitment and sacrifice is something for us that is vitally important to recognize."
Organizers say the entire process should take about four hours. But the flags will not be a permanent fixture here at the courthouse. They'll only be on display for about an hour.