Holiday Airport Travel

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We've already talked about how record-setting gas prices are impacting highway travel this holiday weekend. But apparently the high cost of driving has more people *flying this Memorial day. Reno-Tahoe International expects big crowds through Tuesday.
As we know, memorial day weekend officially kicks off the summer travel season.
Reno-Tahoe airport officials say they expect more nearly three-quarters of a million come through the region over the next few months.
They report full flights today...and 19-thousand passengers to come through the airport alone on Monday.
Officials say there are three driving factors leading people to fly.
Number one, they feel safe in flying again.
Two, the record-high gas prices in California and Nevada.
And, three...convenience.
Passengers say it's never been easier to get in and out of the airport.
Part of that satisfaction comes from...extra customer service staff on location through the holiday weekend, and extra janitorial help.
Customer service agents want to leave a good first and last impression on its visitors.
You can make it easy on arriving at least 90 minutes before your flight.
Also, check the weather reports...if you're flying to the upper Midwest or along the East Coast.
Severe thunderstorms are expected...causing delays on connecting flights from Miami to Chicago.
Many passengers have already changed their travel plans to return on those flights are filling up fast.