Snow Melt Fills Water Supplies

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Runoff from a hefty snowpack in the Sierra is
filling rivers, streams and reservoirs across northern Nevada.
After a second wet winter in a row, drought that diminished
water supplies and dried up wildlife habitat is now bubbling with
Rivers and streams will run high into the summer and Federal
Water Master Garry Stone says melting snow should fill Lake Tahoe
and Stampede Reservoir for the first time since 2000.
From May through July or so, runoff on the Truckee River at
Farad is expected to be 169 percent of normal. On the main stem of
the Carson River at Fort Churchill, runoff is projected to be 199
percent while on the West Walker River near Coleville, Calif.,
numbers are expected to top 200 percent.
The Humboldt River northeast of Reno has been above flood stage
since mid-April, requiring releases from Rye Patch Reservoir.