UNR Develops Navy Training Software

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Computer science and engineering students at
the University of Nevada, Reno are developing high-tech programs
and simulators to train Navy captains and officers.
Three professors and six graduate students have been working the
project for about two years.
This week, Lt. Ryan Aleson with the Navy's Surface Warfare
Officers School in Newport, R.I., was on campus to review progress.
"I've never seen software developed this effectively so
quickly," said Aleson said. "This team puts a lot of contractors
to shame."
The simulations are used to train a crew how to handle a ship
under certain conditions.
To do that, instructors have to create a realistic environment.
The UNR team is designing "artificial intelligence" to
simulate different conditions around San Diego Bay.
"The Navy uses simulations for training," said Sushil Louis,
computer science and engineering professor. "A lot of good
simulations are very much like a big video game."
The program is about half complete and so far has cost the Navy
about $2 million.