Reno Powersports Store Holds Big Event Two Days After Fire

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They're still assessing the damage from Thursday's fire, but that didn't stop employees at Michael's Power Sports from holding a major bike demonstration today.

Employees say it's an event the business really needed not only for morale, but also to formally tell the entire city that the arson fire won't stop them from staying open.

"Obviously, we didn't burn down to the ground," says sales manager Brandon Elario. "It's good to see we can still do business after what happened to our shop."

Two days thick black smoke filed the business, Michael's Power Sports was loaded with 20 Spyder Can-Ams, which are three-wheeled motor bikes designed to give the rider more balance. The assembly line of 20 vehicles had dozens of bike fans itching to ride them.

"It's nice to see them here," says Brian Driskell from Reno. "Nice to see them offering free rides and I'm excited to ride them."

After taking the three-wheelers for a spin around a short course, bikers got a chance to hit the highway and really see what the vehicles could do.

"People that wanna be out there on the roadway with no confinements. They can get on something more stable and have fun," says Brandon Elario. "It's something totally different than a motorcycle."

The Spyder gets roughly 40 miles a gallon and costs about $15 thousand. One woman who took it for a test drive says the mileage and stability make it a good fit for just about everyone.

"A lot of people are looking for something they can do around the area or just as a family sport," says Darley Jeppson, a biker. "And I think motorcycling is really fun. It's fun to share it with your spouse, friends or family.

The test drives at Michael's wrap up on Sunday and employees are hoping for another big crowd as they try to put the business back on the map.

"Hopefully, everyone is seeing we're here to stay and we're going to continue doing business in Reno," says Elario.

Thursday's arson fire is still being investigated by the Reno Fire Department. There's no official estimate on the damage, but employees are describing it as a significant loss.