Navy Game

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Researchers have developed a "virtual" world...where the Navy can control, as many ships as they want at once.
The software uses artificial train naval personnel.
The Navy says every officer, who goes through its surface fleet, will have to train on the simulator.
It plays out real-life scenarios, like a gun fight, that otherwise the military would not be able to re-create.
Three faculty, and six students, have been working for three years on this project.
The University got more than two million dollars, from the federal government, to develop the computer program.
Researchers hope to make artificial intelligence state-of-the-art...and also, help the Navy in its training purposes.
The Navy says the simulator will also save taxpayer dollars.
Otherwise, the military would have to get ship, fuel it, and the manpower for such an exercise.
By the way, the visit coincides with a symposium on computer intelligence and gaming...going on at IGT this week.
The conference features competitions for simulated and real-world games.