Video Visions

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"I entered this contest online for women entrepreneurs and I had this idea to make videos for kids without representing them. I didn't believe in recruitment services and I guess they really liked the idea of the niche in the market and trying to keep it affordable to the kids."

Trina Woelfle is a teacher at Wooster High School, and when she was coaching she noticed several talented athletes slipping through the cracks when it came to athletic scholarships.
When they weren't noticed by division one recruits, she says they gave up and didn't know the other opportunities available to them.

"I had this one kid one time who was completely under-exposed and I started messing around with video and that's when I started dabbling with it. I just knew if he had a video to send the schools that there would be so many more opportunities for him and I'm sure he would have been recruited."

Her production company has videographers that can capture the talent to get a recruiter's attention, or just edit together team video compiled throughout the year to highlight a specific athlete.
Woelfle says she was one of these kids who almost gave up on college when she wasn't getting the scholarships to run track... she says she slipped through the cracks and got accepted to run at the University of Nevada.

"Some of these kids, their dream is all about sports and if we can find placement for them at a junior college or division three, then that might be the driving force that gets them to that next level. Then they'll probably stay there. I did, and became a teacher."

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