Early Presidential Caucus for Nevada?

[ Nevada is competing with states like Arizona and Colorado to move its caucus up from February to early January..Just behind or between New Hampshire and Iowa. Northern Nevada Field Director for Nevada's Democratic Party Brian Hutchinson says the two New England and Midwes States don't tell the whole story. " They aren't diverse, they aren't economically diverse".
Hutchinson says the National Democratic Party is looking for a better barometer than just Iowa and New Hampshire to capture the mood of voters. That's why they are looking for a southwestern state as well as a southern state to help gage that mood.
Nevada Democrats pointed to our growing population, union connections, minorities, and a business climate other than gaming that makes our state more diverse than what might be believed. Hutchinson says " We are going to them and saying look we have economic diversity, we are a very independent thinking state, we are split right down the center with democrats and republicans, this is a state, one of the few states that picked up legislative seats in 2004 for democrats so what we are doing here is working."
For the state as a whole Hutchinson says an early caucus will mean more money for local businesses, including advertisers, the service industry and entertainment.
Something Nevada he says is more than willing to take on.
The Natonal Democratic Party won't make a final decision until the end of summer. If Nevada is selected, registered Democrats will meet at precinct homes throughout the state on a desingated day in January and vote for their presidential candidate.
Those votes will be tallied at the end of the night where state democrats will announce their presential preference.