New U.S. Citizens

Christian Perez is one of 41 people sworn today to become naturalized citizens. This is just one of many major steps in his life after serving more than two years in Iraq with U-S Army.

"Now, I get older you want to do all that stuff you get more interested. When I was younger I really didn't matter much. Now that I am older you know I want to vote, I want to do all that stuff to make a change."

People from Australia, El Salvador Jordan, India, Pakistan, Lithuania, to name just a few, were all represented today.

They have worked hard and have been tested on their knowledge of our government before being allowed to take the final step to U-S Citizenship. Each person we talked to had his or her own reason for becoming an American.

Qing Zhang is from China and wants the freedom of movement.

"Citizen: My husband and I travel 16 countries so we jump a lot of hoops you know? Because of Visa, so the freedom to travel is very important".

Carla Schaan is from Bolivia, she says she's excited to vote.

"Yes that's what I studied hard for: to pass. Aand voting in November."

For Edgar Hitti US Citizenship is not just about him.

"This day is not about me, its about my son."