Firefighter Dies in Cycle Accident

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At around two o'clock Friday morning, a family celebration turned tragic, when veteran Reno firefighter Michael Kelbch was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Kelbch had just left a family celebration on his motorcycle, with family members following behind in a limo, when the motorcycle crashed near the intersection of Cordoba and La Posada Court in Sparks.

When Sparks police arrived at the scene, they found the 47-year-old veteran firefighter's family mourning.

Police say Kelbch hit a gully area and flew 150-200 feet from the median, with the motorcycle found 100 feet past that. "The velocity behind him when he hit the median area very well could have gone airborne or caused him to lose control, at which time he was trying to hold his bike and get himself stopped, and it just didn't work."

Investigators believe a high rate of speed and possibly, alcohol are to blame. They are waiting for the toxicology report to confirm if alcohol was indeed a factor.