Sparks Stand-off Update

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Police have released the name of a man accused in a four hour stand-off with the SWAT team in Sparks Thursday night. The incident occurred at a house located near the intersection of 18th and F Streets.

SWAT team members first showed up around 7:00 pm after reports from the neighbors that 20-year-old Michael Garcia and his father were arguing. Garcia refused to come out, and at one point, wouldn't let his father out.

Police used flash bangs and other distractionary devices to get into the house and rescue the father, but still had to deal then with Garcia.

Investigators say Garcia has a history of mental problems, and came charging out of a back bedroom with a frying pan. He then took a couple of swings at SWAT officers, and they tasered him.

Luckily, no one was injured during the stand-off, which caused the entire block to be shut down, and kept neighboring residents from their homes until late in the night.

Garcia is currently behind bars, charged with assault with a deadly weapon.