Succeeding in School

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Lee Geldmacher is the manager at Truckee Meadows Community College Disability Resource Center, where she says her employee, Stacey Murray, is a success story. "Stacey is an example of somebody who persevered. She really has had to struggle and overcome some obstacles and barriers in her own life."

24-year old Murray says she has come a long way in the last six years.

Six years ago, at just 18, Murray was a young mom, her own step-mother had lost a battle to cancer, and her entire family was evicted and scrambling in separate directions to survive. She says, "At that point in my life, I didn't have any funding. I had gotten the millennium, but that was.... I needed a swift kick in the butt."

Murray now works five part-time jobs, just finished school at TMCC on Friday morning, and is now facing several new job opportunities in graphic design because of the portfolio she created while in school.

Geldmacher says her job on campus in the disability resource center is to use her computer skills to ensure other students can read or hear class notes. "As a single parent, she knows what it's like to have people to help her and get her to this point.... she gets to help other people and there's no more a rewarding experience than to help a person with a disability who might not be able to achieve their goals without that experience."

Murray says she wants to make as much of a difference as she can in the lives of others, because she herself never would have succeeded without help. "I just didn't want to be one of those moms who milked the government for the rest of her life, and I didn't ever go anywhere because I was stuck or anything. I wanted to progress and do better and have him be proud of who I am."