Bank Robber Busted

On Tuesday, the Bank of America on S. Virginia Street in Reno was robbed, and Wednesday police arrested and charged William Edward Armstrong, also of Reno, with the crime.

Police tell Newschannel 8 that Armstrong entered the Bank of America around 1:50 pm in the afternoon and waited until a majority of the customers left. He then approached a teller and demanded money while simulating a weapon in his pants' pocket, before fleeing with an undetermined amount of money.

Local FBI agents and Reno Police Detectives used surveillance footage taken of the suspect to positively identify him. Armstrong was taken into custody after he checked into a room at an area hotel. The defendant, who has previously been convicted for three different felonies stretching back to 1975, participated in an interview, and confessed to the robbery.

The majority of the money was recovered.