Fire Dangers

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The record cheat grass growth is due to above average amounts of rain and snow. They expect the fire danger to dramatically increase in a couple of weeks, as the grass and other fire fuels dry out.

So far this year, more then 1200 acres have already burned.

The fire activity has been mostly in Southern Nevada, where last week, the Mormon Mesa scorched 300-500 acres.

Experts say the southern part of the state is about a month ahead of us. Northern Nevada usually starts to dry out in early June, with the cheat grass turning brown. May is still fairly green, and the grass is still growing.

Firefighters say grass fires are usually sparked by lightning, but along the Sierra front it's a 50-50 mix between human-caused fires and Mother Nature.

Because of the deep snow pack in the Tahoe Basin, they don't expect this to be a timber fire season. Officials are more concerned about the ranch lands.