Mosquito Abatement Begins

A wet winter has many concerned about mosquito season, and the sound of helicopters in the air will be more common beginning tomorrow. That's when the mosquito abatement program begins here in Washoe County.

Traditionally the areas of Rosewood Lakes, Washoe Lake, and the Lazy Five Ranch area are treated frequently, but with the heavy snow pack, that could change, says program director Scott Monsen. "Routinely treat a lot of these places, but there is a lot of water this year... surveillance shows water in areas we haven't seen the in past, so we may be treating areas that we haven't."

That doesn't necessarily mean the mosquito season will be worse than last year, though. At this time, Monsen says it's too early to tell. Part of the program will be to test pools to detect West Nile infected mosquitoes- those discoveries will help Monsen and his team direct their efforts.

Assessing the scope of the problem and comparing it to last year probably won't take place until late July or early August, when temperatures are at their warmest, and mosquitoes are at their most prolific.