Gas Prices Climb Daily

Every day since the first of May has marked a record gasoline price, over the day before. This according to a report released by AAA Nevada.

The mid-month average of three dollars and 21 cents a gallon
marks a 52-cent increase from April eleventh. It's up 75 cents
since a year ago.

The pain at the pump is least in Elko, where three dollars and
two cents a gallon is up 52 cents. The least pleasant prices are in
Reno and Sparks at three dollars and 29 cents, up 51 cents in Reno
and 52 cents in Sparks from a month ago. Carson City's average is
three dollars and 24 cents, up 50 cents, and Las Vegas is up 51
cents to three dollars and 15 cents.

Triple-A says the worst should be over, since almost every refinery has completed the switch to an ethanol fuel additive, which was helping to push gas prices higher.

Traditionally the post-Memorial Day demand moves the cost of gas at the pumps a few cents higher.