Sen. Hecht Dead At 77

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Chic Hecht, a conservative Republican known as much for his verbal miscues as his upset victory over a powerful Democratic incumbent in a 1982 U-S Senate race, died from cancer
Monday in a Las Vegas hospital. He was 77.
Hecht's death was confirmed by longtime family friend Francine
Pulliam. Hecht, who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer a year
ago, had been unconscious for most of the past three weeks since he
was hospitalized.
Hecht was praised by former U-S Senator Paul Laxalt, who
described him as --quote-- "one of the guttiest politicians I've
ever encountered."
Laxalt recalled thinking that Hecht was "on a kamikaze
mission" when he decided to challenge U-S Senator Howard Cannon.
Hecht won the race by about six-thousand votes.
While in the Senate, Hecht became known for his verbal slips,
once referring to the proposed nuclear waste repository that the
federal government wants to open at Nevada's Yucca Mountain as a
"nuclear suppository."