Mount Home Makeover

Kindness Repaid
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"Oh! That's your house Evelyn! That's your house!"

Teresa Morris and Rebecca Clark decided that Evelyn Mount's home was ready for a local version of Extreme Make-over.
So, they moved Mount out of her home... and the hours of work began.

"Look at that! Oh!"
The end result: perfect.

Mount began feeding just 2 dozen people 28 years ago.
He grass-roots effort has exploded, and just last year thousands of local people were able to drive-up to her house and go away with all the fixings for a holiday dinner.

"Oh my God. New dishes. Oh. Y'all, this is marvelous."
The makeover is one way to say thank you for all the she's done.

Where's my fax?
That's all right there.
Look, it's brand new. Everything is brand new.
I see, I don't need you all to tell me that.

How did they do this?
They just took their time and put love in it.
Oh my goodness, who all did this?

Look at this, who did this?
This is your closet. This is why this is your room.
Oh! I got a walk-in closet.

Besides the wonderful make-over inside her home, she now has a cold-room and dry-storage to hold all the food that usually spills throughout her home during those winter months.