Medicare Part D Deadline Looms

[ Janet Kottrell has helped hundreds and hundred of seniors over the last seven months to sign up for the Medicare Part D- prescription drug program...
As the deadline looms closer and closer...she says the more desperate seniors are for help.
"The biggest thing I see is number one they are scared of the penalty and the second thing is just confusion."
The client, we'll call Peg waited until the last minute because after receiving piles and piles of information..she's more confused than ever..she doesn't want to pay a deductible, fall into the gap, or cost her more than she is paying now.
As a volunteer coordinator with the state health insurance assistance program Janet says she has all the information she and Peg need to make an informed decision.
On one medication...with no deductible..the computer spits out three choices from which Peg can choose.
In the end she goes with a plan that will cost her about 19-dollars a month...12-dollars less than she pays now.
National chain stores like Walgreens can also help seniors find a plan. Trained professionals at the Pharmacy type in the medications...and just like Janet find plans that will cover the customer.
Walgreen's Pharmacist Shirely Hopkins says she and others at the counter can not put people into the program however. " I'd like to say its very important that if they do sign up, that they do it by phone..because there is no way to do it by mail at this time."
Walgreens material has that phone number and website to help seniors make the deadline. Senior Centers in Reno, Carson City and Gardnerville will sign people up for the program from ten until two on Monday. And Congressman Jim Gibbons office will be open from eight until six on Monday to help seniors get registered. HIs office is in the federal court house.
Be sure to bring your current medicare card to all of these locations.
Its estimated about 25% of Nevadans eligible for Medicare Part D have not signed up yet.