Butler Ranch Project Denied Again

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The developer says the project isn't dead...just yet.
There still could be 15-hundred more homes sprawling here at Butler Ranch.
But, now they have to appeal to a higher authority...the Regional Governing Board, which is made up of elected officials from Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County.
Five "yes's" four "no's,"...the same vote, the last time, the planning commission denied changing the master plan...to allow more development on Butler Ranch.
Homeowners, near the property, declared victory.
And...they think these flooding pictures, taken New Year's eve of the ranch...from Heron's landing, did the trick.
But, developers say the master plan only requires that the flooding situation be the same or better for residents downstream from Butler Ranch.
They say, through expert testimony, they proved it would be...time and time again.
The city of Reno agrees...and continues to support Lennar Homes.
Even though...the developer may have gotten two more *crucial "yes" votes had they decided to scale the project down by 500 houses.