Sex Offender Meeting

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We're on the 19-hundred block of Prater Way.
We know a registered sex offender lives here.
But, that's it.
The law doesn't allow us to know exactly what house, on this street, the person lives.
A series of community meetings, which started tonight, look at the public's right to know...versus the offender's right to privacy.
These are the young faces of sex crimes.
Local police want you to get a good look at it doesn't happen again.
Detectives say these crimes are *not about sex...but about control.
The meeting was intended more to inform people, not to cause them fear.
Here are the facts: there are 12-hundred-50 registered sex offenders in Washoe County.
17 of them are Tier 3 offenders: which means, they're at the highest risk...and most likely to commit another sex crime.
Thanks to a federal law, passed in 1996, we know who they are.
But should we?
*New parent, Nikko Mulei, says that's what keeps her up at night...worrying about her two children.
Starting in July, parents will know even more about sex offenders.
Registered Tier 2 and Tier 3 offenders...will have their *exact address posted on the state's website.
But, these detectives are worried about the sex offenders who are homeless, and living in our community.
Right now, they *only have to check in with police once a year.
That could change in the next legislative session.