Nevada Republicans Still At Odds Heading Into National Convention

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The war of words between Nevada's Republicans continues even as the party gets ready for its National Convention in Minnesota.

The National Committee seemingly ended the debate over state delegates, by appointing a 34-member group, that included supporters for both Ron Paul and John McCain. But Paul supporters and other local activists who made the trip up north still aren't happy. Even after an open hearing they say exposed the state party for completely mishandling the state's convention.

"In the open hearing, we embarrassed the Nevada Republican Party for the absolute egregious process they enacted in April and since," said Mike Weber, a Republican Activist who chaired a convention featuring dissatisfied party members in June. "And I don't see that the National Party ever wants to honor that type of a treatment or drag themselves through that again. So, they're going to make sure that these processes never occur."

Weber is a John McCain supporter, but says he wants to make sure that the state party appoints its delegates legally.

The Republican National Convention starts Monday and wraps up on Thursday.