Staying Hydrated Key During Rib Cook-Off

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For rib lovers, it's the best way to wash down a good meal, but drinking too much alcohol in the sun during the "Rib Cook-off" can get very dangerous.

On Friday, we hit 100 degrees and that didn't stop too many people from enjoying their ribs and having a few beers on the side. But REMSA says that can be a recipe for disaster if you're not careful.

"That's why we always recommend drinking plenty of fluids," says Evan Schwartz with REMSA. "Try to stay away from the alcohol. If you're gonna drink alcohol while eating the ribs, there's nothing wrong with that; just do it in moderation."

But for some people that's not so easy. And enjoying several beers becomes more important than staying hydrated.

"(It's) worth a good beer I guess," says Brandon Vagts from Fernley.

REMSA understands that some people are going to try to push the limit and that's why they're patrolling the rib cook-off all week. Crews are urging everyone to drink plenty of water and other fluids loaded with electrolytes, which is something people with families seem to be aware of.

"This is the first thing we came to," says Jaime Verdi, who was there with her family. "We came and got them something to drink while the dads are in line getting the ribs."

"I've been drinking water since we got here like an hour and a half ago," says Natalie Bare who was enjoying the day with her children. "So i just keep him going until he says he wants something else, but we focus on the water most of all."

And while that's definitely important, REMSA says drinking fluids alone won't save you from getting heatstroke. And it's important to keep several things in mind if you want to have fun and stay cool.

"The big important thing is the sun," says Schwartz. "Do it in moderation. Drink plenty of fluids and use plenty of sunscreen."

So far, REMSA says it's only had a few minor incidents and most of the people being treated are out-of-towners who aren't used to Reno's high altitude.