Health experts pan pandemic movie

Crowded emergency rooms, empty stores shelves...and the loss of a loved one.
That's what would happen if and when a pandemic flu hits the United States.
avian influenza its not too far from the public and health professions' minds.
Which is why many may be interested in what this movie has to say, and how it says it. Dr. Anette Rink from Nevada's Agriculture was highly critical of the film. " it's a horror movie and it has nothing to do with education, and I don't care what they claim that it is to educate and raise awareness that is not how you educate and raise awareness."
We got Dr. Rink an advanced copy of some of the movie scenes, as well as interviews with the actor's themselves, and dire scenarios portrayed in the film. After watching one scene where a doctor claims the virus began spreading from human to human in a two week time period, Dr. Rink says that's highly unlikely. " It is probably going to take a lot longer than two weeks before we know where the first human fatality happens let alone the mass casualities in the United States."
Perhaps less interesting for a movie script, but what is nevertheless happening right the wildlife angle to this story. State Department of wildlife officials here and elsewhere across the country are surveying birds. Chris Healy from Nevada's Wildlife Department says tracking birds and disease has been going on quite some time. " Every summer we ban and capture birds as part of our duties on the pacific flyland. We'll take throat swabs and possibly some blood samples to see if we can detect this coming into our country."
This part of the real story isn't part of Fatal Contact....But what is crucial to the story line...the sense of helplessness and surprise most citizens in the movie are overwhelmed with...that doesn't have to happen.
Judy Davis of Washoe County Health Department says don't prepare for a possible pandemic, prepare for any emergency. " Try to be prepared with at least two weeks of supplies for yourself and your family and your pets. Including food water medications pet supplies those kinds of things to decrease the number of trips you might have to make to the grocery store."

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