Running in Reno

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It's called, the Nevada Wide Open Marathon de Mayo.
Early this morning, it brought out about 13-hundred runners for the inaugural race for the city of Reno.

Everyone participating has a different story as to how they got to this point.
Whether they were watching or running the full 26 miles, organizers say this race only benefits the community.

When runners reached Comstock park in Double Diamond, they had 13 miles behind them, with 13 more to go.
But, numbers aside, the mood was positive.
Even waiting since 7:30 in the morning didn't upset these kids waiting for their moms to run by with a quick hello.

8-year old Julia Rhodes says she can't wait to see her mom run by.
"She's been running marathons and she did a 26 mile marathon in San Diego last year, so she's going to do it here this year."

But, this race is different than most you hear about throughout the year.

Ann Sullivan-Redding, the volunteer coordinator, says it encourages different charities to work together to raise awareness and money.
Susan G. Komen, Habitat for Humanity, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma society are some of the groups represented.
"We have several non-profit organizations working together, rather than in competition for recognition and funds and such. They're all working together. We're out here for the same thing: the community."

Kelly Anderson is on the sidelines today, but this runner with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society says she is here to encourage others on her "Team in Training."
"I had a friend that was diagnosed and that was my motivation behind joining. Which is the majority of people in Team in Training because they have had somebody close to them that's been touched by a blood cancer. That's my motivation and it's kept me going."

Organizers say races are the number one fund raising events for non-profit organizations and the goal is to increase the number of runners in three years to 3-thousand people.