Happy Birthday Evelyn!

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She started feeding 2 dozen people 28 years ago... now thousands are fed during Thanksgiving and Christmas because of something she started so many years ago.
Her service does not go unnoticed, especially on her birthday.

"I feel like I'm 15 or 20."

She may feel 15 or 20, and this 80 year old woman is continuing to prove her youth with years of service behind her, nd she says years to go, as well.

Evelyn Mount began feeding homeless people in November of 1978.
She says it was pretty make-shift that year, and she says it was quite a success because of the help from her co-workers at the airport.

"That first November, I was at the Warehouse Market on Plumb Lane, where Sac N Save is now. I did my first 24 dinners in the snow and rain with some of the employees...."
Years later, Mount is still recognized for her own dedication and inspiration.

Others say the program works because she is so organized and has a great skill of motivating others to help in any way possible.
"Last year, for Thanksgiving, we did 4,021 and for Christmas it was 4, 096 because i was scared we was going to run out of food. I was counting, and it was real close."

But, year after year, she does succeed.
"Through God and people support me and just faith in Him keeps me going. Everybody that has been a part has been in the .... has wanted to take part and support is really, really good."

Evelyn Mount moved out of her house about one month ago, as it goes through a local version of extreme make-over.
We will be with her when she sees her house for the first time next Saturday.
Happy Birthday Evelyn.