State Ranks Last In Technology Teaching

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Nevada got a grade of "D-" on a national report assessing how students and teachers use technology- the worst in the nation.
The overall grade in the Technology Counts 2006 report, which
was released Thursday by Education Week, is based on the average of
scores in three categories: use of technology, access to technology
and capacity to use technology.
Nevada got a "D+" in the "use of technology" category, with
report authors saying the state doesn't adequately test students on
technology and doesn't offer students the opportunity to take
assessment tests online.
The state got an "F" in the "access to technology" category
since there aren't enough computers for students. In Nevada, 5
students use one computer. It's 3.8 nationally.
The "capacity to use technology" category applies to educators
and their ability to do their jobs on computers, and Nevada
received an "F." According to the report, the state doesn't
include technology in its initial teacher and administrator
licensing and recertification requirements.
This is the ninth Technology Countys report, and the first to
offer letter grades. The report was done by surveying technology
officials in the 50 states and the District of Columbia from
February to April.