Dreaming of Dance

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Robin Price was a professional dancer for 25 years.
Now she is helping another young women towards the career she loves.
"Very rarely do you come across young dancers that are that special disciplined. If I get no more, I'm a happy teacher. She's a lovely young lady. She works hard, got great work ethic and she's fun to be around because she loves what she's doing."

15-year old Taylor Tucker started dancing when she was four years old.
But, ballet was not her dance of choice until just a few years ago.
"I just love the passion and everything about it. I just like it. You sort of have to be one with the audience when you perform."

Tucker spends about 10-hours a week dancing, and she commutes to Reno or South Tahoe for her lessons.
But, at just 15-years old, the time is paying off.

Tucker was recently accepted into the Walnut Hill School of Dance, in Boston, a professional dance company and boarding school.
"I'm a small town girl and I've never really been across the country before and I'm sort of nervous and really excited at the same time."

Tucker's teacher says dance is especially important to dancers because of it's impact on others watching and she says, Tucker is a great example.
"You can teach people how to dance. But, you can't give them the passion. You can pass on your passion, but they've got to get it on their own. She's a very special, very special young lady."

"It's a good feeling. You can change someone's life. They come in and they... if they're having a bad day, they come in and you make them happy. Then they come out having a good day."