The Hook Up For Information

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Now that it's prom season... many local teens are ready to celebrate the end of school.
But sometimes, those celebrations can lead to underage drinking and unprotected sex.
That's why an innovative program is inviting washoe-county teens to *hook up*... with healthier choices.
Tonight's discussion, at the Washoe County commission chambers, was *not a debate.
It was a chance to foster ideas...and thought, about teen pregnancy.
The panelists ranged from doctors to parents.
There was a woman who worked with pregnant teens and parented teens, a doctor, teen parent, a father with five children, a catholic priest, and a faith-based student.
17 year-old Resa Swanson is a Christian...but an un-planned pregnancy, when she was 16, changed her life forever.
Sadly, Swanson isn't the only one.
Nevada ranks 12th in the nation as far as teen pregnancy.
Ten years ago, it was first.
Parents talked about how media is also to blame.
They say there's so many mixed messages about sex on television and the's hard for teens what to think.
And, many can't turn to their folks.
Organizers say there's also community resources in Nevada for teenagers...where they can go for birth control, or just to talk.
Swanson says if she had that...she wouldn't be where she is today.
News Channel 8's Terri Russell was the moderator for tonight's discussion.
If you couldn't make the it to the program, it can be seen in its entirely...on Charter Cable Channel 17.
Check your local listings.