Guest House Popular with Vets

It sits pretty inconspicuously on the corner of Locust and Taylor Street in Reno. Only a year and a half old in its present state..the Veterans Guest House is the only one of its kind in the country.
"this is rachael from the veteran's guest house."
Rick Williams says this is his first stay here. "What a place, what a place."
RIck's home is more than four hours away in Bishop California. As a veteran he's come here to Veterans Memorial Hospital in Reno for diagnosis and treatment of various medical problems. The latest malady is back pain.
"And they did an MRI and one of them said, how is he even walking. Because it was out of place so bad pinching a nerves off to my leg, I was real close to not walking any more."
Veterans Hospital sent him to St. Mary's for surgery.....Surgery he says was needed after two tours in Viet Nam from 19-66-to-19-73 working on and flying in Cobra and Huey helicopters....he re-enlisted a second time he says to keep his brother who was also in the military off of the front lines.
" I got to see, I saw what was actually happening on the ground there everything they were doing and inevitably in war, conflict like that you are going to have injuries and I was there pick the guys up and bring them in to cover them when we were flying the brother was an airborne cook and I've picked up and had to scrape up too many of the airborne troops."
Rick says he and his wife would often travel up to Reno for medical care at Veterans Memorial and stay at local hotels and motels..but this time they tried something new. Because surgery and recovery would take longer than a day...they made a reservation at the Veterans Guest House. Kathy Williams says its been a pleasant experience all the way around. "Very much a home and I've been very pleased. We can make our lunch or dinner in the kitchen they have a continental breakfast. And I can go back up to my room and just kick back it does not feel like a motel."
There's a camaraderie
here they say that comes with serving your country in times of war and peace. The house is set up to share those times with others or not...and can offer help and assistance in times of crisis or calm.
In tomorrow night's report, we'll meet the two men who came up with the idea for the Veterans Guest House
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