Salvation Army Pushing Child Awareness At Big Events

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It's always great fun for the family, but the big crowds at events like the state fair can cause problems when you're trying to keep track of your kids.

Big events usually come with big distractions and that can make staying together pretty difficult if you're with the whole family. But a simple process involving a couple of bracelets can make a big difference.

Keeping track of your kids has never been easier. All it takes is your contact information and one minute of your time. With that, the Salvation Army can make sure that if your kids do wander off, they'll be able to find you almost immediately.

"The most important thing for us is to make sure the child doesn't have to go through any emotional problems by getting lost," says Otto Carrillo with the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army has been setting up booths like this at big events for the past five years. All they ask is that you write down your contact information on two bracelets. One for you, and one for your kid.
That way, if you do get separated, your child can go by the Salvation Army booth where workers can help them contact you.

"I definitely would freak out if she got away from me," says Dellena Thompson a concerned parent. "And I'm glad that they got organized to think of something like this."

On Saturday alone, the Salvation Army had six lost kids come to its booth. The five who wore bracelets were quickly re-united with their parents, but the one who didn't had to wait considerably longer.

"We always recommend the parents to sign in and it will take us less than half a minute to do it," says Carrillo.

The Salvation Army says about 90 percent of people with kids registered for the program. That's nearly 25 hundred people.