Mosconi Murder Defendant In Court

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Kiven Johnson, the suspect in the Mosconi murder case was in Washoe District Court for the first time today.
A trial date has been set for November 27th. At that point, Virginia Mosconi s murder would have gone unsolved for five and a half years.
Johnson was serving time in a California prison for unrelated crimes when DNA evidence linked him to this case. Prosecutors say along with that evidence, blood stains and items in two trucks Johnson stole link him to Mosconi s house at the time of the murder.
The 5th anniversary for the murder is June 8th. That night in 2001, the 80-year-old woman was found beaten to death inside her Verdi home.
Prosecutors tell us that there are thousands of pages of evidence to pour over. There were more than 100 different lab tests run on the evidence, three times the number of usual tests.