Counter Demonstrations On Immigration Issue

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Several immigration reform protesters got in a shouting match with a counter demonstrator at the end of a rally today in Reno.
Eric Pryor of Reno says he is the president of a group called
S-O-S -- "Save Our States, Save Our Sovereignty."
After more than five-thousand mostly Hispanic immigrants rallied
at the federal courthouse today, Pryor and his wife Renee stood on
the steps with a sign that read "Save Our States From Illegals."
Pryor says as a U-S veteran he is tired of illegal aliens
breaking the law. He says they all should be turned into felons.
One Hispanic activist asked Pryor if the Pilgrims were felons
when they came to this country. Pryor said there were no
immigration laws when the Pilgrims arrived.
Other activists started shouting questions at him and Pryor
shouted back, "This is a nation of laws."
At that point a federal marshal asked the group to disperse and
for Pryor to move onto the sidewalk because he didn't have a permit
to be on courthouse property.
He moved and several Hispanic activists asked the others to back
off, which they did. No other trouble was reported.