Thousands Rally Against Immigration Reform

Reno Rally
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Thousands of mostly Hispanic immigrants are rallying in northern Nevada today against immigration reforms in Congress.
More than five-thousand people gathered at the federal
courthouse in Reno and about 300 people in front of the county
Courthouse in Elko.
American flags outnumbered Mexican flags by a 20-to-one margin
or more in Reno. Demonstrators carried signs that read "Full
rights for all immigrants," "The work struggle has no borders,"
and "When the pilgrims came to the USA, did they have green
Speakers included Jesse Gutierrez, executive director of Nevada
Hispanic Services. He says the protest is part of a new civil
rights movement. He told the crowd, quoting now, "From George
Washington to George Bush, we are all immigrants."
In Elko, protesters waved both American and Mexican flags and
played the National Anthem in English. Some of the protesters
carried signs that read "We are American" and "Don't Panic,
We're Just Hispanic."
A handful of counter-demonstrators also turned out wearing
T-shirts that said "Made In America." One had a sign that said
"Catholics, you should read your bible."
Elko police say there were some verbal exchanges but no