Spectacular Blaze Guts Building

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Reno fire investigators are looking for three possible teenaged arsonists.
An abandoned building, owned by the city of Reno, for the RETRAC project went up in flames.
Investigators say no one was inside when spectacularly, the roof collapsed, and fire and smoke shot into the night sky.
Firefighters were having dinner at station two when they saw a large black column of smoke.
Around the same time, a tow truck driver was heading towards downtown Reno...when he saw something strange.
Within a few minutes of that call, the roof, on the east side of the building, collapsed.
Firefighters had to keep their distance.
Their first worry was that someone was inside.
Fortunately, the building was abandoned.
The doors were welded shut which made it difficult for firefighters to get inside.
They did find a small open hole...on the west side of the building.
They believe transients were living there...but not, at the time, of the fire.