K9 Emergency Care

CARSON CITY - This is two year old Troy , a drug sniffing dog with the Carson City Sheriffs Department he's the guinea pig today to help teach law enforcement about his needs during a medical emergency.
Deputy Jeff Pullen from Carson City Sheriffs' K9 Unit is his partner.

"They are just like one of us. They are our family. They go home with us at night. They are precious to us. Anything that can hurt them can hurt us too."

Nearly 20 local law enforcement dog handlers were at today's class.
They learned how to properly muzzle, check for a pulse and even how to split a dog's leg with the help mag light or baton.

Mike Laffins, DVM, teaches the class but is also a reserve deputy

"Always one of the biggest challenges in veterinarian medicine they can't tell you what is wrong."

But there are other less obvious emergencies that dogs can run into depending upon their specialty for Troy it could be ingesting an dangerous drug.

Laffins says, "Narcotics, chances are he is going to have nasal discharge. You might even see powder or something like that there."

Apprehension dogs can be vulnerable when suspects try to get away. They can be kicked or stabbed, but the animals and sustain broken bones, that's because the dog doesn't know when to give up.