Into the Spotlight

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These students are the lead characters in the show as the Baker and the Baker's Wife.
They join little red riding hood, the big bad wolf and other fairy tale characters we've all known.

But, the music teacher, John Lorentzen, says the story goes beyond happily ever after and tackles tougher subjects of the world.
"For the age that they are, they are absolutely professionals. They come prepared to rehearsal, they have strong backgrounds in the performing arts. They come with lines learned and songs learned and they've really been examples to the whole rest of the cast."

Junior, C.J. Lacey plays the Baker.
He says the group has discussions about the moral implications to help them understand the show and one another.
"It teaches you through the morals of the musical to be a better person and try to strive to live a little bit better of a life."

Senior, Amanda Sydenham co-stars as the Baker's Wife.
She says the musical is her last opportunity, in high school, to stand apart from others.
"With the cast, I've learned a lot of who they're about and like CJ said, the everyday moral issues that we face in the world today, we can really apply them to our lives.

Besides the maturity of the subjects in the musical, these two say life in theater is definitely an experience to remember.
Amanda wants to use her lifetime of music to become a children's music teacher, while CJ says life in the spotlight sounds perfect.

Like their characters in the musical, their teacher says these two are examples to others because of the perseverance, despite the everyday demands of being a student.
"The baker and his wife are the average citizen and then the woods are representing the world and all the things that can happen to us when we go out into the woods."

Into the Woods runs the next two weeks, Wednesday through Saturday at seven o'clock.