City Working With Community On Revitalization Project

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A neighborhood overcome by crime and neglect will soon begin an improvement project with the help of the city.

The initiative is designed to help the residents living in the Linden/Grove project just south of the Park Lane Mall in Reno.

City leaders and community members met during a neighborhood barbecue Saturday afternoon to discuss how to revitalize the struggling area.

"It's a great way to get neighbors out to meet each other," says Reno Mayor Bob Cashell. "And were trying to get areas cleaned up and were working together and trying to control gangs and all these other problems."

Cashell was one of several local politicians who joined nearly a hundred residents in Yori Park where gang activity and graffiti issues have become a major concern. So much so, that the city recently approved a 200-thousand dollar grant to clean it up.

"This ones been on my radar screen for 4 years," says Sharon Zadra, a Reno City Council Member. "But its time absolutely time, while crime activity has come and gone in this area there coming at a more rapid pace now and that just makes it the right time."

City officials say improvements will encompass a 20-block neighborhood, consisting mostly of rental properties with a history of major crimes. A pilot program that took place on Oliver and Montello streets will be used as a model for the project.

Congressman Dean Heller says it will take a cooperative community to make it work.

"I'm real pleased and thrilled and I play a key part in this," says Heller. "But it's the community itself that makes the ultimate decisions."

And so far, residents seem more than willing to lend a hand. For at least one man, the possibility of seeing an improved quality of life in the area, is something that's been a long time coming.

"We need help and we need support for this apartment and the community and for me. I say thank you for the help and the support."

Every person on-hand at Saturday's barbecue filled out a survey to help steer the project in the right direction.

The City is hoping to eventually form a task force to help with the revitalization.